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Award winning Stylist Emma


has lived and worked as a stylist in, Austria and Germany and the middle East for an American Salon. She absorbed the cultures, and her work mirrors each country. She was trained by Toni & Guy UK, Paul Mitchell UK, Wella/London and extensively with L’Oreal Proffesional in London;Manchester Barcelona and Paris. Emma was on the Elite L’Oreal ID Artistic Team in the UK for 2 years. This enabled her to train side by side with some of the best names in the industry including masters like Trevor Sorbie, Andrew Barton, Mark Woolley, Guy Kremmer and Richard Phillipart. It also gave her the opportunity to do stage work. This meant she was creating cuts and colors on L’Oreal catwalk models, showcasing them during the show. She has created many hair looks for the L’Oreal S/S and A/W collections. Emma possesses the unqiue combination of every day salon experiences, as well as the skills developed in the professional fashion/media world. She loves to create bespoke looks and creations for her clients including current trends and Vintage hair styles which she adores. She also worked behind the scenes doing hair for the British National Television Awards, 2014. She worked on several big celebrity actors, for example those from Coronation Street. She has done hair at London Fashion Week. She loves creating new techniques in colour work, creative cutting, session styling, and adapting learning from others. It is important to her to improve her existing skills to a higher level that inspires others. Emma believes in being true to one’s own style, but to continue to learn. Maintaining tradition and combining modern innovation is a true sign of an all-round professional expert. She welcomes continued education, and loves to share her knowledge with other stylists as well. She is a perfectionist in her work and thrives when clients are happy. She feels strongly that it is essential for clients to feel welcomed, valued, at ease and understood. She is sensitive to clients needs, and carefully draws out from the client, what they desire. When asked why clients flock to Emma, she responded “from a personal aspect, regardless of all the professional work that I have done, for example: fashion shows, L’Oreal catwalk shows, hair for theatre, TV and performing with hair in public on stage, I have maintained my personal affability. I am aware the clients quickly recognize who is genuine and who is being superficial and pompous, and this has a direct effect on the consultation, and appointment. I allow my genuine warmth and friendliness to show, while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. Providing the client with the ultimate satisfaction gives me pleasure too, and I experience an empathetic sense of elation. I believe this is why I attract clients to me, they know I am sincere.”

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